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Phone number we can contact you during your pet’s stay:*

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If your pet is being admitted today for a spay or neuter and is over 5kgs/11lbs pre-anesthetic bloodwork is recommended. Would you like for your pet to have this performed today? Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is required for ALL dogs under 5kgs/11lbs and for ALL procedures other than a spay or neuter unless otherwise arranged with your veterinarian.

Pre-Anesthetic blood work is recommended because it will give the doctor a detailed overview of the health of your pet, as well as a comprehensive look into your pet's organ function. It is important to understand that a pre-anesthetic profile does not guarantee the absence of anesthetic complications, but it can greatly reduce the risk of them, as well as identify medical conditions that could require treatment in the future. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is required for ALL dogs under 5kgs/11lbs and for ALL procedures other than a spay or neuter unless otherwise arranged with your veterinarian.

Would you like your pet micro-chipped?

A microchip is a small chip about the size of a pen nib that is implanted in between your pet's shoulder blades. Each microchip has a unique identification number that will link your pet to your personal details (name, address, etc.). If your pet ever goes missing, a microchip provides a fast, permanent way of identifying you as the owner. The cost of this will be $59.00. If yes, please provide emergency contact information. This needs to be someone you trust to accept responsibility of your pet if you are not available. Preferably someone that does not live in the same household nor that you travel with.

Would you like a Medical Pet Shirt?

A Medical Pet Shirt (MPS) is a pet “onesie” that protects wounds/sutures on the torso and is often used as an alternative to an Elizabethan-collar (cone). It is made of 94% organic cotton and 6% lycra, so is comfortable, breathable and machine washable. If you choose to purchase an MPS, we will size your pet prior to their discharge time. The cost of this will be $30.00 - $40.00 depending on the size required. Due to the nature of their use, please be aware that these are non-refundable once fitted to your pet.

Has your pet been fasted since 8:00 p.m. last night? Dogs less than 5kgs/11lbs should be a fed a small meal in the morning.

Has your pet had any episodes of vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, or loss of appetite in the past 4 days? Had any signs of menstrus (swelling, discharge, or excessive licking of vulva)? Or any other symptoms, problems or concerns, that Snelgrove Veterinary Services is not aware of?

If yes, please explain:

I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that I am the owner (or duly authorized agent for the owner) of the animal described above, and that I do hereby give Snelgrove Veterinary Services full and complete authority to perform the surgical procedure described as:

Sign and date here . Please be advised that this form is only valid on the date of surgery. Filling it out prior to this date will render this form invalid and it will need to be resubmitted on the day of surgery

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