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Have Fun With Colouring and More

At Snelgrove Veterinary Services in Brampton we believe in keeping all our guests entertained. Whether they are adults or kids, virtually or in person. To keep our little guests occupied we have some interesting jokes, colouring pages and other interesting elements. Find them below and enjoy:

How Kids Should and Should Not Interact with Dogs

Children around the world are badly injured or even killed by dogs almost every minute of every day. These two posters together show kids and parents the types of interactions they should AVOID with dogs as well as the types of play and interactions that are appropriate.

How should kid interact with dog
How should kid not interact with dog

Funny Pet Jokes!

Why are dogs bad dancers?

Because they have two left feet

Why don’t cats in the jungle play poker?

Because they are all big cheetahs

Why can’t Dalmatians hide?

Because they are always spotted

What do you call an alligator in a suit?

An investigator

What is a cat’s favourite colour?



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