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Complete Veterinary Care in Brampton

Here at Snelgrove Veterinary Services in Brampton, we offer the highest quality care possible to keep your pet happy and healthy. Our clinic is equipped with a full surgical suite, digital radiology suite and on-site laboratory, as well as a non-invasive therapy laser. Our amazing staff and veterinarians offer complete medical, dental and surgical care as we strive to keep up-to-date on the latest in veterinary technology in order to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, as well as provide routine wellness care.


Our veterinarians offer exceptional emergency care during our regular business hours. If in the event that you have an emergency after-hours, please contact the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Brampton at 905-495-9907. They will care for your pet and send us a report upon discharge so that we may following up with you.

Our veterinarians and staff care for your animal friends with the following services:

  • Medical

  • Dental

  • Surgical

  • Vaccinations

  • Preventive care

  • Grooming

  • Laser therapy

  • Radiology

  • Emergency care (during office hours)

Find Information to Help Care for Your Pet

Snelgrove Veterinary Services wants you to stay informed with the latest information regarding your pet’s health. Find informative pet health articles covering a vast range of topics and conditions. We hope you and your furry friend benefit from these articles. If you have any questions concerning the information provided, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team. Snelgrove Veterinary Services will also assist you in finding ways to preserve your pet’s memory. We are happy to help!

Watch Videos to Learn More

Select from the list below to learn more about the following topics:
How to apply eye ointment

How to care for your pet’s ears

Dental care for your pet

Medical, Surgical and Dental Care for Your Brampton Pet

With an in-house laboratory, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, Snelgrove Veterinary Services is well prepared to offer your animal friend the very best medical, surgical and dental care in Brampton, Caledon and surrounding areas. We always treat your pet like one of the family.


With our knowledgeable staff and well-equipped facility, we are pleased to help you with many services including, but not limited to:

      Yearly examinations and vaccinations

  • Complete medical assessments

  • Nutritional assessments

  • Diagnosis

  • Prescription diet food

  • Heartworm prevention

  • Flea control

  • Dental exams, dentistry and take home products

  • Dermatology exams and allergy testing

  • Radiology (x-rays)

  • Behavioural consultation

  • In-house laboratory for blood work, urine analysis and stool sample testing

  • Weight management

  • Tonometry

  • Echocardiograms, abdominal ultrasounds and endoscopies arranged to be done in-hospital

Surgical Services

Snelgrove Veterinary Services provides a range of surgical procedures to meet your needs. In order to ensure the safety of your furry friend, we monitor surgeries with a highly-trained staff, EKG machine, pulse oximetry, capnography and internal body temperature probe. We keep a constant watch on respiration and pulse. Occasionally, we refer patients to board certified veterinary surgeons to perform complex operations.


Below is an example of just some of the surgical procedures offered at Snelgrove Veterinary Services:

  • Spaying and neutering

  • Soft-tissue surgeries

  • Mass removals

  • Wart removals

  • Exploratory laparotomies

  • Biopsies

  • Amputations

  • Wound care

  • Opthalmic procedures

  • Dewclaw removals

  • Hernia repairs

Specialty Services

Snelgrove Veterinary Services offers a range of specialty services, including:

  • Laser therapy

  • In-house pharmacy

  • Nutritional counselling

  • House calls

  • Pet Identification Microchips

Pets Have Teeth Too! We Provide Complete Dental Care

All pets are at risk of developing dental problems. Once your pet displays any warning signs, serious periodontal disease may be present.


The Brampton veterinarians at Snelgrove Veterinary Services can help you start a preventative maintenance plan.

Signs of Periodontal Disease

  • Bad breath

  • Tartar

  • Bleeding or inflamed gums

  • Interested in food but hesitant eating

  • Changes in chewing or eating habit

  • Tooth loss

  • Subdued behaviour

  • Abnormal drooling

  • Food falling from mouth when eating

  • Swallowing food whole

Contributing Factors

  • Poor oral hygiene - ignoring the condition of your pet’s mouth can lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss and other serious health problems

  • Breed - periodontal disease is more common in smaller breeds of dogs and certain breeds of cats

  • Age - periodontal disease is more common as pets grow older

Steps to Better Oral Care for Your Pets

  • Regular examinations can help provide early detection of periodontal disease

  • Preventative maintenance should be started at puppyhood and kittenhood

  • Schedule regular dental checkups — we can help you monitor the progress of your pet’s preventative program

  • Home dental care can include special diets to control tartar build-up, regular brushing, specialized treats, oral wipes and rinses

Note: Please do not use human toothpaste on your pet’s teeth. Our toothpastes are not meant to be ingested and can cause stomach upsets. Specialized, flavoured toothpastes are available for your pets which will help with your pet's compliance.

Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitos

Keep your pets safe and happy with monthly protection.

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Snelgrove Veterinary Services
11526 Hurontario St
Brampton, ON

L7A 1E6

Phone: 905-846-3316


Fax: 1-855-351-8216


Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM — 7:00 PM

Saturday: Closed


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